The Audio Intelligence Platform™ for Businesses

The single source for state-of-the-art Complementary AI™ audio and music models to empower businesses and developers.

The Audio Intelligence Platform™ for Businesses

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This is Music AI

The foundation, models, and tools to accelerate the development of advanced audio products and services.

State-of-the-art models

Accelerate your projects with any combination of our proprietary and best-in-class third party AI audio and music tools.

User-friendly interface

Bring your vision to life quickly with our user-friendly, drag-and-drop no-code interface.

API, native clients, and SDKs

Endless possibilities with API integration, native client support, and comprehensive SDKs will give you the best DX available.

Your privacy and data are secure

Ensure the safety of your creations with robust data protection controls. Plus, you can train your own models with the same level of privacy and security.

Customizable and Extensible

Combining our ever-expanding set of over 50 AI modules allows you to build robust, sophisticated custom workflows that meet your needs.

Unmatched performance

Experience lightning-fast processing and unbeatable cost efficiency with our cutting-edge audio APIs.

The Industry’s most extensive collection of state-of-the-art drag and drop AI music and audio solutions.

Music.AI delivers a rich selection of proprietary AI modules and best-in-class third parties to streamline your development process.

Design advanced workflows: Drag, drop, and ship.

Start quickly with built-in workflows, or create your own using our audio APIs.

The company we keep

"In addition to Music.AI's artist-first approach, the quality of their voice models is the best we've heard."

Remington ScottFounder and CEO of Hyperreal®

"We are proud to empower Music.AI’s unique drag-and-drop workflows with our Auto-Tagging solution alongside other best-in-class AI tools."

Markus SchwarzerCEO of Cyanite

"We’re excited to make RoEx’s intelligent audio tools available to Music.AI’s 16,000 partner organizations. The combination of RoEx's pioneering multitrack mixing solutions and Music.AI's modular workspace empower creative workflows, and create efficiencies for clients including record labels, technology companies, and more."

David RonanDavid Ronan, Founder and CEO of RoEx

"Music.AI makes it simple for labels, distributors, and music tech players to combine and quickly integrate various AI models, including Music.AI’s best-in-class stem separation and Masterchannel. We’re happy to offer our state-of-the-art mastering technology to a broader audience through Music.AI."

Simon HestermannFounder and CTO, Masterchannel

Trusted by business and developers worldwide

Leverage Music.AI’s unmatched scale and reliability by deploying on the multi-cloud that’s already serving 2000 developers and 48 Million users.

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+2.1 Million
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Our ethical approach at Music AI

Respect others

We’re a tech company, but we are also musicians. We respect our fellow musicians, vocalists, composers, and rightsholders.

Do no harm

We believe AI can effectively add value to music and audio without infringing upon the rights of creators, rightsholders, or individuals.

Tools, not replacements

Our goal is to build tools to complement the creative processes in audio and music, not to replace people.

Creative synergy

We embrace the power of AI as a collaborative tool and honor creativity.

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