Unveiling Music.AI: The Audio Intelligence Platform™

Our founder and CEO Geraldo Ramos shares his thoughts about the transformative journey from a leading music app with over 40M users to an all-encompassing B2B AI audio intelligence platform. Find out how Music.AI is shaping the future of the industry and what it means for creators and tech enthusiasts alike.


We are excited to announce the launch of Music.AI, our new umbrella company, which marks a significant milestone in the evolution of our company. As a founder of, I have had the privilege of leading our app to incredible heights, fueled by a passion for music and the needs of musicians. Our dedication to listening and evolving with musicians using the apps has propelled us to over 40 million users, and we’re grateful to everyone. The enthusiastic feedback from the musicians we serve feels great and motivates us every day."

Now, we're ready to embrace the next frontier: the B2B market.

A Track Record of Success

The technological backbone powering the Moises app has evolved over three years. Each day, we process over 1.5 million minutes of audio, demonstrating remarkable efficiency. This operational excellence enables us to offer our services at a lower cost to our customers, merging innovation with affordability.

Moises App of the Day 2022 has been featured by Apple's App Store worldwide. was recently featured in #WeArePlay which celebrates the global community of people creating apps and games businesses on Google Play.

As a lifelong developer and technologist, I recognize the need for access to resources that enable rapid and effective development. From the inception of Moises, our vision has been to make AI models accessible and establish a foundation for AI and audio innovation. We are determined to amplify our impact by using the same platform to support other companies.

The Platform for Innovation

Music.AI serves as the platform for companies, providing state-of-the-art AI solutions for a diverse range of applications. Market demand has grown to encompass more than just music, and we're already meeting the needs of other industries, including technology providers and innovators in TV, advertising, and film.

Papa Johns commercial featuring Shaquille O'Neal, used Music.AI technologies for voice synthesis.

From stem separation to voice synthesis, Music.AI is at the forefront of technological advancement. Our goal is to advance the adoption of AI music and audio technologies fueled by a new generation of machine learning capabilities.

Our Ongoing Commitment to Moises

Moises continues as our B2C brand, steadfast in its mission to serve musicians, audio engineers, and producers. Our identity as musicians remains at the heart of our operations, inspiring our innovations and benefiting both B2C and B2B clients. The feedback and experiences from the creative community are invaluable, driving us to continually innovate and improve our offerings.

The Essence of Our Brand

Music.AI represents a bold and clear message to the market, showcasing our vision and dedication to ethically powering the future of music and audio while respecting all creators and rightsholders. Our mission is to enable opportunities that have yet to be discovered, and our new brand encapsulates this forward-thinking ethos.

Looking Ahead

Our team's shared vision and passion for the possibilities in audio innovation are the driving forces behind Music.AI. This passion is shared by our investors, whose confidence in our team motivates us to continue making a significant impact in the industry.

Together, we are on a mission to advance and democratize music technology.

Moises Full Team Offsite 2023 - Brazil