To make it easier to process local files, we have created a CLI that you can install directly in your computer. This is a great way to process folders containing multiple files and to save the results locally on your computer.


npm install -g moises


export MOISES_DEVELOPER_APIKEY=your-api-key

Process local file

High-level method to process a single local file. Behind the scenes, this will: create a new job; wait for its completion; download the results to your local folder; and delete the job from the developer platform.

moises process file <workflow> <fileLocation> <outputFolder>

Process local folder

Similar to the previous method, but will process all files in the folder:

moises process folder <workflow> <inputFolder> <outputFolder> [--watch]

You can use the --watch option to continuously process new files added to the inputFolder

Add job

moises job add <name> <workflow> <inputFile>

Delete job

moises job delete <jobId>

Job info

moises job info <jobId>

Job list

moises job list