Welcome to the Music AI platform documentation!

Our platform enables third-party users to access and harness our technology, either programmatically via APIs or through a no-code interface conveniently available in our dashboard. The purpose of this documentation is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our APIs, as well as the essential concepts on which our platform is built.

Modules, Workflows and Jobs

  • Modules: These are individual building blocks that provide specific functionality or processing. Each module performs a well-defined task, for example, audio enhancement, stem isolation, or transcription.
  • Workflows: Workflows are a sequence of connected modules that are executed in a predetermined order to create a processing pipeline. These workflows offer flexibility, as you can chain together unique sequences of modules to achieve desired results.
  • Jobs: Jobs represent requests to process one or multiple files using a specific workflow. You can create custom workflows, or choose from a variety of template workflows provided by the platform.

Quick start

We encourage you to go through our quick start guide. It highlights the essential steps to get started with the API, providing examples and explanations to familiarize you with the basic concepts.


To ensure secure usage of our APIs, authentication is required for all your requests. Visit our API Authentication page to learn more about generating API keys, managing tokens, and properly authorizing your requests.

File upload

Processing operations on the Music AI platform require one or more input files. If your files are not accessible through a public URL, you can use our file upload server to generate temporary signed URLs for your media. To learn more about file handling and temporary URLs, please visit our File Upload section.

Found a bug or have feedback?

We're always looking for ways to improve our platform, and welcome feedback from our users. If you encounter a bug, have questions, or want to provide feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing the Music AI platform. We hope this documentation serves as a valuable resource for using our APIs and platform effectively. Enjoy processing and creating with Music AI!